If your chosen cushion is out of stock email us at badasscushions@gmail.com to see if we can get it for you 🙂
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      Add some fun to your outdoors

      Add some fun to your outdoors

      We are all spending more time at home and outdoors. A big part of that (for us at Bad Ass HQ at least) has been jazzing up our indoor and outdoor spaces for summer. This is something we’ve always been passionate about - we want our cushions to bring a space to life, add some fun and be a talking point. Sometimes all it takes is a perfectly placed cushion to change that armchair, couch, that patio chair - or in the case of one of our Bad Ass family, a sun chair in Jamaica!


      Lots of our designs are perfect for a garden or outdoor space - our Leafy Sloth cushion will blend in with any green surroundings, while our Orange Snail cushion really stands out and hopefully he’ll tell the real snails to stay away from your flowers. Our firm favourites have already found their way into some gardens as well - our Yellow Giraffe and Banana Chimp may need to get used to the Irish summer but our Graffiti Cow cushion will feel right at home straight away. Recently our Doberman even made it to Inch beach. 

      The Botantanical Hummingbird is another perfect addition to an outdoor chair. We can picture ourselves sitting outside, in the morning with a coffee, watching the local birds with the Hummingbird cushion right there. 

      Our cushions are not waterproof but they are perfect for those sunny days (hopefully we see a few more of those over the coming weeks) and then you can bring them back in with you and find a spot for them inside. Bad Ass Cushion covers are premium quality, the material is a linen cotton mix and they are machine washable at 30 degrees so it’s no big deal if they get a little dirty in the great outdoors. The designs are created by dye sublimation technology that heats and dyes the image onto the fabric providing a washable and wear resistant finish. All of our covers are a standard size 45cm x 45cm with a zipper. 

      We love to see our cushions out in the wild (and in your homes) so be sure to send us some photos of your Bad Ass cushions.