If your chosen cushion is out of stock email us at badasscushions@gmail.com to see if we can get it for you 🙂

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      The Beginning

      Hi, I’m Fiona and Bad Ass Cushions is my baby. Nearly two years ago, while on a visit to London, I came across these cushion covers and literally stopped in my tracks – they really spoke to me and I thought ‘Wow, these are amazing; premium quality and designed to make you smile, adding colour and character to any space’….. Roll on just 24 hours later and I had purchased 100 from the stockist and from that point, there was no going back! Coming from a retail family, I guess the apple did not fall far from the tree. And now to the Brand Name… well, after a whole lot of entertaining brainstorming and ‘serious’ highbrow research (not really 😀), BAD ASS CUSHIONS was formed.  

      Credit to my good friends in KWP Print & Design for helping me to create the Bad Ass Cushions logo / identity. Big shout out to Mark for helping me set up the social accounts and Edel for her ongoing support.


       The Middle


      On the 13th of April 2019, Bad Ass Cushions had its first outing to City Hall in Cork to the Mind Body Soul event and it was there that the first Bad Ass sale was made, to the lovely Liz, who still adds to her Bad Ass Cushion collection. Throughout 2019, we took to the road, with the Bad Ass Cushion Family making colourful appearances far and wide, selling out at a variety of shows, events, and markets.  My lovely friends rose to the occasion and joined me around the country, spreading Bad Ass Cushion love and cheer. Big shout out to Pauline, Kristene, Ruth to name but a few….

      The Now 

      Here we are now and it’s a different world! Initially, it was strange during the pandemic….no more shows or getting out to meet new Bad Ass Cushion family members but we have embraced the digital world and it’s amazing to see Bad Ass Cushions finding wonderful forever homes, bringing fun & loveliness to peoples homes & working spaces here and abroad. We now have a huge Bad Ass following, including some friends in very high places and are delighted to have you join us too…